The new standard, NF EN 62974-1, is part of the ISO 50001 energy efficiency approach

“With the new version of ISO 50001 published in August 2018, NF EN 62974-1 takes on its full meaning in the energy efficiency approach to buildings and industrial sites. This is because it applies to equipment for collecting and analysing energy data, more commonly known as dataloggers, energy data concentrators or energy servers.

The new ISO 50001 regulations specify that “”The organisation must ensure that the key characteristics of its operations that have an impact on energy efficiency are identified, measured, monitored and analysed at planned intervals””.

Using equipment that complies with the new NF EN 62974-1 standard is the guarantee of consolidated, reliable data, essential to an energy efficiency approach within the scope of ISO 50001 certification.

NF EN 62974-1 specifies the performance and functionality requirements for energy data collection and analysis equipment. As a result, it contributes to the success and sustainability of the implementation of a measurement plan as part of an energy optimisation approach. Designers and builders who comply with this standard now offer equipment that is simple to install, quickly operational and can be tailored to the specific constraints of each type of use. This equipment is an essential building block to obtaining reliable, consolidated data easily and regularly.

“”Companies wishing to obtain ISO 50001 certification have every interest in using electrical equipment that meets the standards in force, and in particular NF EN 62974-1, which applies to data collection and analysis equipment found in distribution boards. This standard is also the guarantee of the safety of equipment and employees””, explains Jean-Eric Garnier, President of GIMELEC’s Electrical Installations Monitoring and Control Division.

This equipment also has other advantages:

For ISO certifications and energy audits

It plays an important part in monitoring the energy efficiency of an electrical installation in accordance with IEC60364-8-1. It can also be used for LEED, BREEAM, HQE and similar label certification.

Safe devices for industrial environments

Energy data collection and analysis equipment, which is generally integrated into the electrical cabinet, meets the stringent requirements of industrial environments. Compliance with NF EN 62974-1 ensures that the equipment is installed and used in the user’s distribution board without any risk to people and property.

Eco-designed devices for reducing environmental impacts

Energy data collection and analysis equipment is compliant with the new European environmental regulations. It is perfectly consistent with a circular economy policy, thanks to its long service life and its design principle.

Simple-to-use devices for all your applications

Energy data collection and analysis devices installed at different levels of electrical installations are essential interfaces for aggregating energy data. Their ease of use and their multifunctionality allow them to be quickly fitted in any new or existing installation.

Energy data collection and analysis equipment is essential for any measurement plan. Its compliance with the new NF EN 62974-1 standard is a guarantee of reliability, safety and quality for users.

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