GIMELEC promotes its members' technologies and know-how with respect to markets and institutions.

Our challenges

Our approach ensures that our audiences are made aware of our mission

GIMELEC’s members play a special part among all the players involved: they represent, in fact, a sector whose technologies and solutions supply all parts of the economy, thus providing a lever for much societal progress.

In response to the increasing complexity of technologies related to the growing share of digital technology and the urgent need to address climate issues, GIMELEC is playing a pioneering role in the evolution of industrial trends and the ensuing benefits.

Our mission

Inform choices and accelerate transitions

The success of manufacturers in the electrical and digital equipment sector in France depends on the development of a common vision of the path to be followed: it is GIMELEC’s daily work that drives many member discussion groups. It then carries this success on to European institutions, the State, local authorities, civil society, social partners and private players.

In an increasingly smart and therefore more complex world, GIMELEC’s legitimacy and conviction are more than ever ensured by its ability to offer a keen, cross-disciplinary vision of the solutions to be promoted to meet energy, industrial and ecological challenges.

Our partners

Local authorities, environmental NGOs and Consumer associations, central administrations, European Commission, French and European parliaments, business federations, regulators