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"With our expertise, we develop global asset management solutions, cost-effective lifecycle management, cybersecurity, security of supply, and therefore technological integration between physical and digital. "

Agnès Theodule, President of GIMELEC's GIMELEC ENERGIES committee and Europe Russia CIS Israel Sales & Marketing Director at GENERAL ELECTRIC GRID SOLUTION

At GIMELEC ENERGIES, we combine the best of electrotechnical and digital technology to facilitate the transition to new uses of lower-carbon, energy-efficient, flexible and competitive electricity.

Our challenges

For smart electrical networks

As the referent for the electrical and digital equipment sector, GIMELEC places its action at the very heart of the challenges of energy policies and aims to achieve a much greater:

  • Integration of renewable energies
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Electrical system flexibility
  • Grid resilience

Cybersecurity, interoperability and predictive maintenance are the smart, flexible levers of electrical systems.

Our missions

Promote new electricity uses

GIMELEC’s objective is to:

  • Provide visibility on electrical network investment programmes to GIMELEC’s members, with an appropriate legal, technico-economic framework.
  • Contribute to cross-disciplinary studies on the integration of renewable energies (RE), flexibility, cybersecurity and interoperability.
  • Promote new electricity uses such as e-mobility, electricity storage, self-consumption.
  • Play an influential role in French and European institutional bodies.

Our partners

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