GIMELEC mobilizes for sustainable and shared growth

As members of the Circular Economy Committees, we want to develop models for sustainable and shared growth.

Our challenges

Reduce our consumption of energy and materials

Energy efficiency is in our DNA and an essential part of the circular economy!

Promoting the preservation of resources and intelligent economic models adapted to local and future needs is a major challenge for our industry.

Our missions

Encourage and promote responsible practices

Our companies offer economical solutions that enable their customers to control their consumption thanks to sustainable, maintainable equipment whose end of life is controlled.

GIMELEC’s commitment to reducing the environmental footprint covers the entire life cycle of equipment. In this respect, we advocate an integrated approach to “”energy”” and “”resources”” regulations to ensure full control of the environmental impact of products and systems during production, operation and end of life.

We contribute to France’s circular economic strategy by promoting and developing the profession’s best practices in sustainable production and consumption. Support for the development of maintenance and repair activities in France also generates value for employment and skills development.

Our sustainable development strategy is therefore designed to be integrated as a real performance lever for the benefit of all.

Our partners

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