"We were once the electrotechnical association; now we are the electrical and digital trades association! We bring together all the transformation managers and solutions providers. "

Vincent Jauneau, President of GIMELEC'S GIMELEC INDUSTRY Committee and Vice-President of SIEMENS France and Director of the Digital Industry Division

At GIMELEC INDUSTRY, we bring the intelligence of 4.0 technologies and promote eco-responsible approaches to transform the industry.

Our challenges

Modernisation & digitalisation

As the referent for the electrical and digital equipment sector, GIMELEC is at the heart of the industry’s challenges:

  • industrial competitiveness,
  • digitalisation of solutions and systems,
  • modernisation of industrial sites,
  • flexibility and reactivity of production tools providing greater security,
  • customisation, accuracy, quality, complexity,
  • reduced production costs.

As a result, the services of GIMELEC’s members are enhanced by new technologies related to cybersecurity, big data, artificial intelligence, expert systems, 3D printing, robotics, cobotics, the Internet of Things, intelligent sensors, etc.

Our missions

Consolidate 4.0 provision

GIMELEC’s objective is to:

  • bring together all the players who provide electrical and digital solutions for manufacturers,
  • be the reference professional organisation for the industry of the future in France,
  • act for the successful digital transformation of companies,
  • support manufacturers in developing new careers and business models,
  • contribute to France’s attractiveness for industrial investors.

In this context, the work carried out by committees within GIMELEC involves cybersecurity, data analysis, energy efficiency, interoperability of machines and systems, digital twin, digital continuity and circular economy as levers for action towards an intelligent industry.

Our partners

See the website
See the website


GIMELEC leads the standardisation work of the Alliance for the Industry of the Future.

The objective is to promote, at international level, a reference framework capable of hosting the various national initiatives. Active, constructive cooperation with Germany and Italy has made it possible to share this strategy. This is demonstrated by their co-leadership of the Standard Manufacturing Map project within ISO/IEC. Interoperability of machines and systems is therefore guaranteed at the normative level.

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