"At the conjunction of electrons and bytes, our commitment to energy and digital transition and our role as a promoter of the circular economy are an integral part of our desire to develop companies in France and abroad."

Christel Heydemann,

WE ARE THE GIMELEC, a group of companies in the French digital electronics industry

Our objective

We are boosting energies

GIMELEC is the professional organisation bringing together companies that design and deploy electric and digital technologies for safe, optimised energy and process management.

GIMELEC consists of 200 member companies generating 15 billion euros from French exports and employing a workforce of 67,000 in France.

The ambition of the companies in the GIMELEC group is to bring electric and digital intelligence to the heart of energy and digital infrastructures, industry, buildings and electromobility.

Our future is electrical, digital and ecological!

Our missions

We perform three major roles

  • Referent for the electrical and digital equipment sector

GIMELEC is a key platform where good practice and progress are shared. The principle of regular collective work by market, technology and theme is a powerful vector of innovation. It provides a structure and lateral perspectives and accelerates transformations. The resulting actions and work are the subject of numerous reference documents, publications and partnerships in France, Europe and internationally.

  • Custodian of its members’ positions

GIMELEC promotes its members’ technologies and know-how with respect to markets and institutions. We are at the forefront of standardisation issues in a global progress perspective. One major objective at the very heart of our contribution to regulatory and normative frameworks: ensure that the standard creates shared value.

  • Promoter of the circular economy

As a promoter of the circular economy, GIMELEC wants to develop growth in a sustainable, shared manner. Saving energy, preserving resources, creating smart economic models to meet future needs: our sustainable development strategy is a performance lever for the benefit of all.

Les essentiels


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Rapport d'activité 2022


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  • Droit de la concurrence

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"GIMELEC brings together the French electrical and digital equipment sector, a sector of excellence that is a major asset in allowing France to successfully complete its energy and digital transitions and maintain its industrial and technological leadership".

Antoine de Fleurieu,
Managing Director of GIMELEC