Launch of the ELIE BT mark for a correctly calculated electrical installation

“In partnership with FFIE, GIMELEC launches the collective mark ELIE BT, designed for low-voltage electrical installation calculation systems. The ELIE mark is intended to promote electrical calculation software that meets the requirements of a technical reference system developed by GIMELEC. It is now a reference for users, a reference for compliance with electrical installation calculation rules.

Historically, UTE (Union Technique de l’Electricité – the French Electrical Standardisation Body) was founded in 1907 to safeguard French interests in the field of electrotechnical standardisation. Its work included the evaluation of electrical calculation software in accordance with practical guide UTE C15-500 and issuing technical notices.
In 2009, UTE ceased this activity.

After the merger of AFNOR (the French Standards Association) with UTE in 2014, AFNOR published a new guide C15-500 in 2015, which introduces new calculation rules and provides for adjustments on certain formulae. The former technical notices issued by UTE therefore became obsolete.

In 2016, GIMELEC therefore formed the ELIE Committee (Electrical Installation Software Publishers) from among its members to provide solutions to the requirements of the Ministerial Decree of 26 December 2011. This Decree specifies the requirements of the inspection bodies with regard to the verification of the calculation notes of the installations they inspect: if the notes are derived from software that does not have technical approval, the accuracy of the results must be verified.

In this context, the members of the ELIE Committee – ABB, ALPI, BBS Conception, IGE+XAO, Legrand, Schneider Electric and Trace Software International – collectively decided to formalise the compliance of calculation software with the technical standards and guides in force. This approach has now resulted in the launch of the ELIE BT mark. The right to use it is granted to software publishers who have passed the tests described in the Mark Application Guide.
Displaying the ELIE BT mark clearly indicates that the software complies with the technical reference systems used by the mark and therefore with the rules and calculation formulae specified in the applicable standards.

Use of the mark is open to all software publishers, regardless of whether or not they are GIMELEC members. To use it, they must obtain a positive decision from the Monitoring Committee, following an analysis procedure provided for in the Regulations for Use and the Mark Application Guide.

Software with the right to use the ELIE mark as of 25 June, 2018:

  • Caneco BT – version 2018 (ALPI)
  • elec calc Classic version 3.8.2 and elec calc 2018.0.0.4 (Trace Software),
  • Lise versions et 3.0.1 and Lise BIM version 1.0.1 (BBS Conception),
  • SEE Calculation – version V4R2 (IGE+XAO),
  • XL PRO3 Calcul V3.5.01 and XL PRO3 Calcul BIM V1.1.02 (Legrand)
  • Stabicab 11.23, electrical calculation module 3.0.1 (Trimble France)
  • Ecodial V4.8.8 (Schneider Electric)

Download the ELIE BT Mark Guide

Download the rules of use of the ELIE BT simple collective mark