GOFLEX: the new building energy flexibility index

“GIMELEC creates GOFLEX, the new index dedicated to measuring the energy flexibility potential of a building or building complex.

GIMELEC members have devised this method of calculation to assess and promote the energy flexibility of buildings, i.e. their ability to be disconnected from the power network at the most appropriate time.

“”Thermal and electrical flexibility is an essential challenge because it prepares the building to become an active building block in the network””, explains Thierry Djahel, member of the GIMELEC Connected Building Market Committee. “”Energy flexibility encourages “”better consumption”” across all uses, as well as self-consumption and/or storage of energy when it is cheaper and greener. It will gradually enable dynamic tariff control to be implemented in buildings according to a price signal or remunerative orders””.

However, without a clear and simple way of identifying the energy flexibility potential of a building or complex, it is difficult for operators to assess an opportunity to use this virtuous source of energy optimisation. GIMELEC has therefore focused on resolving this issue, which is essential for our energy transition.

In practical terms, GOFLEX is the result of a combination of three indicators: the control system class (A, B, C, or D), the period of notice of the flexibility request (more than 24 hours, more than 3 hours and no notice) and the modular power expressed in kW for summer and winter.

The index therefore provides visibility on the potential flexibility of a building and allows the entire sector to benefit from a simple common benchmark to improve the flexibility of buildings and activate its remuneration via capacity aggregators.

GIMELEC intends to offer the use of GOFLEX to all stakeholders in the sector: property owners, developers and prime contractors, operators, energy operators, aggregators; and collectively encourage the virtuous deployment of active management, the integration of renewable energy sources and self-consumption, while optimising energy networks.

“”With this innovative new measurement tool, GIMELEC is helping to place the building sector at the centre of energy transition, putting the issues of thermal / electrical flexibility at the heart of this transformation””, adds Delphine Eyraud, GIMELEC’s Connected Building Market Committee representative.”