A distribution board is quite an art! If it complies with NF EN 61,439-2

GIMELEC’s panel builder members are working to raise awareness among customers and specifiers about their criteria for choosing distribution boards.

“”A panel that complies with the NF EN 61 439-2 standard is quite an art”” explains Gilles Fradin, President and spokesman of the GIMELEC Panel Builders Division. “”Such compliance provides the best guarantee of reliable installations, the safety of people and property and the control of costs””; a real added value for end customers””.

For this awareness campaign, the profession’s sense of humour, has led it to adopt an unusual, innovative communication style, using an analogy from the world of art.

“”To help you understand the advantages of NF EN 61,439-2, we are not going to draw you a picture … but we can build you a distribution board””.

A flyer and video explain the added value of such compliance.

The know-how of the panel builder, who is considered here as the artist following best practice, allows him to apply the standard and provide customers with the best guarantees.

The awareness campaign is in line with Résotablo, the excellence approach of GIMELEC’s companies, whose motto has always been the long-term safety and security of people and property.