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On the register of lobbyists and installed in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris to Brussels,  the Gimélec engaged for 4 years of relations with European institutions, NGOs and representatives of the Belgian Government.

Involved in several European sectoral committees (CAPIEL, CEMEP, T & D Europe), the Gimélec actively working on the definition of constructive strategies and professional positions in the context of the development of European regulation.

More information about the European sectoral committees:


Europe is Gimélec for its members and a forum for relevant political expression, in which energy efficiency has become important. The Energy Efficiency Directive was thus an opportunity for the Gimélec support the European Parliament and the European Commission to adopt an ambitious course in the matter.

The European Union is able to act as a spur and Gimélec bet is to strengthen the influence of eco-power industry by contributing directly to the projects of the European Union or by participating in programs Research is bringing its expertise to the European Commission.

To date, four major issues can be identified across the European Union:

  • Making the energy transition on April 1 st part of the European Pact, beside competition, justice and external security;
  • Strengthen the fight against unfair competition, including using a voluntary and effective anti-dumping policy;
  • Organize a voluntary market surveillance policy;
  • Establish with other major regions based on strict reciprocity in access to public procurement.


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