17 oct. 2016

Conference on the impact of electric vehicles on the electricity system - 17 october 2016 - Université Paris-Dauphine

Conference on the impact of electric vehicles on the electricity system - 17 october 2016 - Université Paris-Dauphine

A Conference of the Chaire European Electricity Markets (CEEM) at the Université Paris-Dauphine co-organised with the Chaire Armand Peugeot at CentraleSupélec.
The accelerating arrival of electric vehicles will not only impact the way we drive but will also have a profound impact on the size, layout, performance and cost of the electricity system. This transformation will touch upon all segments of the value chain from generation over transport and distribution to consumption. It will accelerate the active participation of final consumers, while posing important new challenges to producers of dispatchable power and system operators. 

Draft programme:

8h30-9h00 Reception of Participants

9h00-9h20 Welcome and Introduction 
Jan Horst Keppler (Directeur scientifique, CEEM – Université Paris-Dauphine): Electric Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges for the European Electricity Sector
Yannick Perez (CAP, CentraleSupélec): Is the European Electricity Sector Ready for Electric Vehicles? 

9h20-10h45 Session 1: The State and Outlook of Electric Vehicle Development and Re-charging Infrastructure 
Jérôme Perrin (Renault): Electric Vehicle Development in Europe Today
Johannes Schäuble (KIT, Karlsruhe): The Development and Adequacy of the Recharging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in Europe
Pascal Gibielle (RTE): The Impact of Electric Vehicle Development on Peak Demand and the Load Curve under Different Scenarios of EV Integration and Recharging Options

10h45-11h15 Coffee Break at the Bar des Étudiants (2nd Floor) 

11h15-13h00 Session 2: Optimising the Interaction of Electric Vehicle Deployment with the Electricity System
Jean-Baptiste Galland (Enedis): Opportunities and Challenges of EV Integration for Local Networks and the Development of the Distribution Grid: Which innovation in matter of tariffs?
Patrick Gagnol (EDF): The Coming Transformation of Electricity Systems Due to the Advent of Electric Vehicles
Willett Kempton (University of Delaware): Vehicle to Grid (V2G): Fundamentals, Potential, Willingness-to-Pay and Regulation
Yannick Perez (Chaire Armand Peugeot, CentraleSupélec): System Services and Flexibility Provision through Electric Vehicles in France and Europe: Regulatory Options and Institutional Requirements

13h00-13h30 Concluding Roundtable
With Dominique Finon (President), Marc Bussieras (EDF), Thomas Veyrenc (RTE), Audrey Mahuet (EPEX Spot), Gautier Chatelus (Groupe Caisse des Dépôts).

13h30-14h30 Reception at the Bar des Étudiants

Attendance is free but prior registration is required : Here

Université Paris-Dauphine
Salle Raymond Aron, 2nd Floor




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